Ellensburg – return home

After meeting up with the class for a short demo on location lighting we decided to head to the town fair grounds to meet up with the local cowboys. It seemed like there was some sort of qualifier going on for solo calf roping. Ivan asked around to see if we could take a picture of someone mounted on their horse. Ashley and I pulled out the photo flex 7′ octabank and got it ready for Ivan. Since this was going to be such a quick shoot I decided to be Ivan’s personal light stand, but not until I raised the light stand arm up how much of a sail this light box was going to be. Hanging onto the stand for dear life Ivan grabbed a few shots of a local named Ty up on his horse.

After this Ivan and Ashley changed into some of the clothes provided by Evo and we found some park benches to take a couple pictures on. This happened pretty quickly so after we packed up and headed to the local End annual bike rally there in Ellensburg. Ashley was able to grab a couple pictures of the bikers who were hanging out at the scene. It seemed these guys were from all over the western states, and many who had traveled on the back roads that are beautiful to take in when its just you, the wind, and the sound of your motorcycle pushing forward.

We were all pretty well wiped out so we decided to take a short nap. Pulling down a side road a parking everyone slumped their heads up against the windows and passed out.

Well, its been incredibly cold, super windy, and now we are headed into what appears to be a gnarly storm. With so much gear in the back of the pickup we stopped by a fred meyer’s store and picked up a tarp to cover everything up. Strapped down and ready to go we started our journey back. Taylor Grant


~ by tgrantphoto on May 2, 2010.

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