Royal Grinders – Fremont

Ever since my internship with Evo I have loved eating at a great grinder sandwich shop called Royal Grinders. Awesome sandwiches and just as delicious gelato. In this small shop you get a chance to hang out and eat and watch the traffic flow by from the inside on those rainy days here in Seattle, but then there is also outside lounging tables and chairs when that sky does get blue on occasion.
It seems that whenever I’m in the area I love stopping here with whomever may be with me and show them the glorious food spot. So far everyone has seemed happy and full as they walk away, and so after today’s stop-in with Andreea I decided to grab a few pictures to try and entice the rest of you who may be going through the Fremont area to stop in at Royal Grinders and eat some of their food. With free wifi and a TV always on playing snowboarding and wakeboarding videos, and even sports, you are definitely able to sit back, relax, and chow down on some of the best grinders North of Downtown Seattle.

To see the website and even call and make an order click the link: Royal Grinders


~ by tgrantphoto on April 24, 2010.

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