Stuck in Phnom Penh

With an early morning we quickly grabbed breakfast and a tour by Tuk Tuk around the city. The main site on the tour was the Palace which sat at the center of the city on the river’s edge. Due to the fact that it closed at 10:30am and we were a little late we were unable to tour inside the walls of the palace. The exterior gave off quite a glimmer in the sunlight with all the “gold” paint on the roofs it was a very pretty site to see.

We then hopped back on the the Tuk Tuks and arrived at our hotel where a Van waited to take us down to the docs. Running tight on time the van driver was a little worried about getting there on time. We arrived and unloaded our luggage inside the doors of a small restaurant where several officials were going over our passports and boat tickets. Then it was quickly found that we didn’t have the correct visa’s to get back into Vietnam. The problem was that even though our visa was good for 1 month, it was a one time use only. When we traveled out of Vietnam into Cambodia we were now required to purchase a new Visa to enter back into Vietnam where the last 2 days were supposed to take place.

The Dad’s were able to work everything out quickly and the tourist agency there took our passports to the Vietnamese embassy where the visa’s would be processed for our re-entry. New boat tickets were purchased for the following day to get us from Phnom Penh to Chau Doc, Vietnam.

Our day was about halfway gone and with lunch on everyone’s minds we found a new hotel stay in for that evening and shortly after we found ourselves dining a short distance away. On the second floor of this restaurant we were all seated with a great view of the river and menus with close to 20 pages of items were placed into our laps. A couple people decided to be daring with their food choice of the day. Dad decided to order “Frog’s Legs.” Turns out that they taste just like chicken! The meat was quite tender actually, and very moist. The only thing that made the experience a little difficult to take in at first was the fact that it was easy to point out the little webbed feet on each little frog hind-quarter. With what seemed to be a full 3 course meal were all completely stuffed and with no shortage in staff we were quickly helped with anything that we needed by one of the 6-9 waiters at our table.

The rest of the day was slow as we wandered around. The ladies got pedicures, the Dad’s wandered down some of the side-streets, and I drug Dustin downtown to find a Canon store. Quite surprisingly though, Canon camera equipment is just as expensive in Cambodia as it is in the United States. Bummer!

Turning in for the night we hoped for the best in the next day. Mostly we were crossing our fingers that our passports were going to be safely returned to us with the new Visa’s attached.


~ by tgrantphoto on January 6, 2010.

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