Quick Shout from Vietnam!

Hey all! Its about 3 am here in Vietnam as I’m writing this post so forgive me if its a little short. We are here in Ho Chi Minh city where the mopeds are buzzing like crazy and people are trying to sell things like mad.

We visited the local shopping market which is packed full of people and merchandise and then we visited a couple different temples (of a religion that we are not quite sure what it is).

Pho seems to be the main food of choice here because we’ve had quite a bit since we’ve landed. This evening we ate at a Barbecue restaurant which had miniture grills built into the tables and so we were brought the food on plates and then got to cook it ourselves! My theory is so if a person gets sick from uncooked meat that person cannot get mad at the restaurant.

Anyway, we will try and keep you posted as we can with internet connections. Tomorrow we are headed to some tunnels and then hopping on another airplane headed to North Vietnam. I’m going to try and get Dustin to write the rest of the blogs with his writing talent so check back! We hope everyone is doing well! If you want to get a hold of us please email at: taylorgrant@live.com or grant@pmt.org or leave comments here on the blog!
Good Night from Vietnam


~ by tgrantphoto on December 21, 2009.

2 Responses to “Quick Shout from Vietnam!”

  1. Taylor,
    Thanks so much for writing its so fun to see what you guys are up too.

    Be safe.

  2. Great pictures! Thanks for letting us go with you via this medium.

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